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Are you required to have Workers Compensation Insurance for Employees?

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Worker’s Compensation Maryland

Workers Compensation insurance is a mandatory coverage is Maryland and Washington DC.  Employers are required to have workers compensation in effect for their employees.  If the employer does not have coverage in effect, the employer would be liable for benefits under the Workers Compensation Act or similar legislation.

What is covered?

Workers Compensation Insurance will pay loss of income and medical expenses as a result of a covered accident or illness occurring during employment.

What are the benefits?

Benefits for loss of time will vary by jurisdiction. 

Loss of Income   In Maryland, loss of income benefits are 2/3rds of salary up to a maximum of the average weekly wage in the state when the disability occurs.  Benefits will begin after three days of disability. 

Medical expenses incurred as a result of accident or illness resulting from employment will be reimbursed.

What is the cost of Workers Compensation Insurance?

Workers Compensation premiums are based on the payroll of the employer. 

At the beginning of the policy period, the employer provides an estimate of the annual payroll for the coming year. 

During the year, all employees are covered.  Individual employees are not named on the policy. 

At the end of the year, an audit will be done.  If the actual payroll is greater than the estimate, the insurance company will bill the additional premium.  If the actual payroll is less than the estimate, a refund will be issued.


Each year the rates and rules for Workers Compensation Insurance change. 

·         Employees must be included based on their annual remuneration (payroll).

·         Sole Proprietors and Partners are not included in Workers Compensation coverage.  However, Sole Proprietors or Partners may elect to be covered.  If coverage is elected, coverage is based on the annual payroll per partner or sole proprietor.

·         Officer Employees of Close Corporations are included in Workers Compensation.  However, each officer employee may reject benefits (Maryland Officer Exclusion form must be completed).  If included the officer employee is included at an annual payroll at specified minimums and maximums.

·         Regular Corporations.  All employees must be covered and are included based on their annual remuneration.  

*These amounts are subject to change each year by the Workers Compensation Commission

Workers Compensation Insurance is required for all employers in Maryland




This is intended to provide general information. For a complete description of coverage including policy provisions, limitations and exclusions, please consult the actual insurance policy.
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